Complete Series of 17 Titles


What you MUST KNOW about your patients!

Categorising your patients and understanding their financial value to your practice will help you achieve greater success in the systems and strategies you develop.


Superstar Receptionist

Are you new to the role of Dental Receptionist? Have you been a receptionist for some time and eager for ideas for improvement? This mini-course is for you!


Building a Successful Recall Strategy

One of the signs of a thriving dental practice is the loyal and regular attendance of your existing patient base. Discover how to build your successful recall strategy with this important webinar.


Successfully Hiring and On-boarding New Staff

Finding great staff can be a challenge. I invite you to join me for this insightful mini-course where I share my strategy to help find your ideal candidate and onboard them successfully as the new member of your team.


Reactivating Your Inactive Patients

Most dental practices have a number of inactive patients in their database. This mini-course will guide you in developing a strategy to encourage patients to return to your practice (and not leave in the first place!)