Transform Your Team Through a Powerful Team Culture

Every dental practice has an established 'team culture'.

It may have been a carefully considered philosophy that supports your team, patient and business thrive...

... or, your team culture may be what has evolved over time...good or bad.

The absence of a positive workplace culture results in:

- low staff morale,
- high stress,
- lack of staff loyalty,
- increased sick days,
- scapegoating, and
- poor leadership.
And that’s just for your team! Your patients also suffer!

Getting the culture right in your practice will result in happier, more engaged team members who deliver great performances.

What's included?

2 Videos
2 Texts
3 PDFs
Julie Parker
Julie Parker
Your Presenter

About the instructor

Over thirty years of experience working in dental practices including ten years of practice ownership, Julie empowers dental team members with the knowledge and confidence to make a worthy contribution to the dental practice they are involved in. 

Since selling her dental practice in 2013, Julie has been working one-on-one with dental teams, guiding them in the achievement of happy, productive and efficient practices.

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